Do Vans Run Big or Small Compared to Converse? – My Story

It actually depends on the type of vans and converses you’re comparing. Vans generally run true to size, however, some individuals find them to be a touch broader than other brands. The converse fit varies, however many people find them to be a little narrower than Vans.

If you’re a 7.5 in Converse, you’re probably an 8 or 8.5 in Vans. In vans, I wear a 9 and in chucks, I wear an 8. It also depends on the width of your foot; vans might be sleeker or broader at times, and this varies. As I already stated, try on a pair first.

If you’re deciding between the two brands and aren’t sure which size to get, I recommend trying both in-store to get a sense of the fit. Alternatively, you might check each brand’s sizing guide and compare the measurements to get the best fit for you.

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Do Vans Run Big or Small Compared to Converse


I’m also a size 9 (male) in vans and would recommend the same size in converse, though they may run slightly larger. Another thing to consider is that converse, at least for me, is more narrow and tight on the foot, so I’d strongly advise you to go to a store and try them on before you buy.

Converse has a narrow fit, so if you have broader feet, go half a size up. Depending on the fit you prefer, you could remain the same size (9) and avoid having to size up.

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