Vans vs Converse for Lifting – PowerLifter & DeadLifter POV’s

Are you trying to look beautiful or are you lifting?

If you’re squating or deadlifting, Chuck Taylors are a good choice. My lifting shoes have a flat bottom with little to no cushion. Check that they are not 2’s. They are flatter, have less softness, and are designed to be non-slip. You’ll basically be bringing the floor as your sole. However, make sure your feet are well-fitted.

If you’re going to do anything else, get some running shoes.

I would avoid vans because they have more cushions/rubber on the bottom, making them less stable. Chucks are wonderful for squatting and pulling since they are flat, but they still have more give than some people want. Some people like high tops with more structure, such as [jordans], while others are exceptional powerlifters.

If you squat serious weights (400+ lbs) on a daily basis, investing in a pair of squat shoes may be worthwhile. Wrestling shoes can be useful for only deadlifting.

Other lifting shoe options: I’ve used a pair of No Bulls for about 1.5 years and love how sturdy they are for any compound action. However, it is on the costly side.

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Vans vs Converse for Lifting


Vans and Converse shoes are both prominent brands of sneakers recognized for their informal design and comfort. They are not, however, intended for weightlifting or other hard physical exercises. Vans and Converse shoes both have a flexible sole and a low profile design, which may not provide the best support and stability required for weight lifting.

If you want to wear shoes while lifting weights, seek shoes that are specifically developed for weightlifting or other sorts of strength training.

To help support your feet and ankles during heavy lifts, these shoes typically have a sturdy, flat sole, good arch support, and a secure fit. Consider employing weightlifting belts, knee sleeves, and other types of support gear to assist protect your body and increase your lifting ability.

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